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Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park was the first Rowell’s works that I read, and I fall for her ever since. My love for Rowell has leading me to continue to read her works. I read Landline after Fangirl.

All of her words are soothing and the way she created dialogues between the character just feel so alive. Here is a short glimpse about Landline by Rainbow Rowell



Landline, main character is Georgie McCool, who works in a sitcom writing dream team. Georgie and Seth, her writing partner, need one shot to make a big-time producer impressed, that they have the perfect middle season replacement show.

It is Georgie’s dream but it is also a week of Christmas. She was scheduled to fly up to Omaha with Neal, her husband, and their two daughters. Georgie and Neal decided to split up for temporary until her works finished. She planned to stay in LA and making the season of the episode with Seth and one of her member team, meanwhile Neal will take their daughter to their granny’s house. It’s problematic. Georgie can’t stand to be alone in her house, therefore, she sleepover in her mother house who was eccentrics, together with her stepfather and her younger sister. Georgie’s phone is broken and she can’t bear it, so when she was in her room, she calls him on her old, ancient, yellow landline that she used in her childhood.

Magically, Neal answered the phone. But it is 22 years old Neal when they haven’t married yet. There was a huge time gap between them on the landline.

Does Georgie will continue these strange conversations? How does it will affecting their relationship?

I’d love to read stories about couples but Georgie and Neal’s relationship is extraordinary and new to me. I’ve read some bad reviews about Landline, perhaps it is due to the fact that how the Landline works is not clear until the last page of the book.

For I love the way Rowell persuading reader through soulful conversation, I don’t really mind the Landline at all. Yes, it is unclear, but heck I love the story, I love the words and the characters so it doesn’t matter at all.

After reading several of Rowell’s work, I just realize that Rowell is really good in creating a great boyfriend (Consider Park in Eleanor & Park, also Levi in Fangirl) and Neal is also a great boyfriend (and husband).

As an introvert, I am highly amazed that Rowell is able to portray the introvert characters in her works pretty well. Let say Cath in Fangirl, which I am easily related to, and here Neal is also an introvert! I love the way Rowell describe Neal’s attitude. How Georgie, as an extrovert, cheerful girl fell for him, a quiet, shy, and calm man! Is amazing.

For the flaw, I think at the very beginning, the story is too slow that might be some moody reader -like me- somewhat feel hesitated to keep reading. I can’t put down the book after I reached the middle chapters.


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