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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

It is universally known that reading can be a good escape from our tough life. Yet, reading is more than that. Reading is the only way we can live in different situation, in different person’s mind, yet sometimes we still can relate to them.

Since I am not an English native, the term “classic” somehow made me inferior. Not only because of the situation, to the great extent, was unfamiliar but also the use of language, the culture, is truly different. Furthermore, fellow book readers around the world, at least, already read, discuss, and analyze this books in their early childhood.

But then, after reading several Jane Austen works, I’ve come to realize that none of those things should be able to terrify me. The situation, plot, and setting are only external elements entailed to the characters. Value and belief are something that eternally entailed to the characters, it formed who they are, how they perceive the world in such circumstances. And this is the most important thing to be concerned.


2017-01-22 12.11.51 1.jpg

I read P&P after reading Emma. I need to admit that Emma, at some point, is a bit disappointing in my perspective. I hesitantly read P&P because I’m not really fond of Emma’s personality as a whole. But after seeing some fantastic reviews on Goodreads, especially from Stephen and from another reader that decided to re-read the book, I’ve decided to read it too.

I have to say that this is the best decision that I’ve made. How beautifully written the narratives and the dialogues, especially between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. And I adore Elizabeth to the highest level too. How she perceive the information, how she behaves, how she admit her wrong doing, how she reflects her value is really mesmerizing.

Since I’ve read a lot of reviews before I read it, I was accidentally attacked by some spoilers. But the great thing is, regardless how many spoilers you have read, you will still feel that curiosity and hardly put it down once you’ve read it.

I’m so happy about how the story end. I’m in a good mood for several days and still get a book hangover. I think I’m absorbed into Austen cult.


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