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The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

When you finished reading TFIOS, you’ll sorted into two kinds of people. The one that will give definitely five stars or above! (yes above) and the one that will give one star and even zero! It is rare to find someone who gives middle rating for this book. I respect all the opinion.Nevertheless, I belong to those who definitely fall for this book.

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The story begins with Hazel and her “lung that suck at being lung”, that she need to carry her oxygen tank everywhere. But she didn’t want to be melancholy. She was reading Great Books, she was watching American Top Models, the way she thinks, the way she wants to be treated, pretty much describing that she was just a normal teenager.

But as how the parent whom their child, their only child, had cancer, they aimed to bring their child to cancer support group. Hazel resist that. Because she was pretty much sure that it is going to be suck. It is going to be boring. But she went anyway. For her parent’s sake. Not because she had cancer.

She was bored. Until she saw Augustus. She saw there’s something different about him, that he can get what she thought. But then she saw Augustus put cigarettes into his lips, and she was angry. Why when cancer arbitrarily attacking innocent people, yet there are people who “intentionally” put something to trigger it. But then he explained that it was just a metaphor. That it only kills you when you lit it up. And he didn’t lit it up.

And then the story continued that Hazel and Augustus going out, meet with Augustus friends who was blind and have “relationship problem” and want to revenge to his ex. Augustus needs to be amputated and everything change but not with love between them. Yet, their love grows stronger as if they know each other pains.

When it comes to the point where Hazel and Augustus and hazel’s mother, the unexpected thing happened. The plan that didn’t go well, the loss of hopes, the disappointments, attack both of them. But when hazel and Augustus went to Anne Frank’s museum, their pain somehow can be compromised.

They went back to their home country and things are getting worse. There are some points that Hazel, even though she thinks she was the weakest among her peers, come that she need to carry on her oxygen tank everywhere, yet she was the strongest one. She helped Augustus friends to direct him, she helped Augustus to walk.

It comes to the point when August leaves her behind, and the cruel ex-favorite author sent her Augustus’s letter. It is so heartbreaking. It is painful.

But life must go on. Hazel feeling good as her parents now can be more easy to her. That they didn’t just do everything for her, that her parent also living their life now.

This book is just too good that I hardly just read it once. I’ve re-read it for a couple of times and watch the movie too. Green, as the one who having a great experience with people in cancer himself, is really good at portraying how their life was.

He tries to eradicate the misconception of people who had cancer. He didn’t make it as a cheesy as how it usually brought in the usual story. He describes Hazel and Augustus as the normal teenagers, that love their life, that love to read, that love to play games, that love to have fun. What’s made them extraordinary just something that entailed to them and ruined their life.

“That’s the thing about pain, iy demands to be felt” is the strong message, that when I read it I burst into tears. As I used to have traumas in my childhood, I pretty much understand how pain demands to be felt. Emotionally. When you have trauma and you keep remember them in your minds, the pain will stay in your head and ruined your life. As for how if Hazel keeps remembering her cancer, keep thinking how she will leave the people she loves if she dies young, it will ruin her life. The best thing is to not feel it at all.

But the book is not all about the sorrow. You can laugh at some point by Hazel and Augustus jokes. At how they sarcastically commenting about people around them at the supportive groups. You can both get a laugh and burst into tears when you read TFIOS.

Well, I think the book is mesmerizing and Green is amazing. I love most of his books and I love him as his personality too. I watch vlogbrothers for I think it is inspiring. His An Abundance of Katherines, Will Grayson, Will Grayson is on my TBR list. See if you love it or not. This book is worth to be put on your reading list.


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