Why We Love The Book’s Odour

​Do people notice that some of the booknerds are fond of the smell of books? Whether it is a new book, or an old one, the smell of books is addicting. Just as how some people found that the smell of rain is relaxing (petrichor), booknerds feel that the smell of books is calming.

I have told one of my friends that I love sniffing a book and they think I am weird, they think I am peculiar. I stop telling them that I love the smell of books, yet it doesn’t stop me to stop doing that. I sniff a book when I am reading at home. I bet you do. But there are some reasons lay behind our peculiarity of sniffing books. Here they are:

1. Chemical Reactions Behind It

Yep. There is a chemical reaction in a new and old book, and it is different for each book. For

For the new books, we can scrutinize the chemical reactions happened from three major sources: the paper, the ink, and the adhesive used in the binding process.

For the old books, the sources may vary since the air, environment, also affects the chemical reactions that change the smell of each book. But whatever composed the aroma of the books, it must be smells good.

As compound said :

“There is no single chemical causes the odour of books. It is a result of a complex mix of volatile chemicals produced by the chemical used in their manufacture, as well as the gradual degradation of the chemical within the paper. Some of the compounds produced, such as furfural, can even be used to gauge the age and condition of the book in question.”

2. It brings back memories

You must be have heard that music can bring back memories, I think the odour of books also can do that. It will remind you when is the first time you got your favorite book, whether it was given by your dad, or whether it was a special gift from someone. Or that feeling when you were reading your favorite book in your reading nook at your parents home when at the current time you live far away from them.

3. Or it creates a new memory

It can creates a new memory too. That feeling when you read a new adventure book, you’re ready to release your wanderlust soul by reading your new book. Or when you really need to escape from reality and the book is saving you. The book will transform you into a new world. This will be stored in your long-term memories. Someday in the future, you’ll smell the smell odour and it will remind you of this. You’ll unconsciously sniff books and become fond of it.

4. It is calming

It is universally known that when you are reading, you must be in a state of calm, and emotionally in a good condition. Book remind you of good things, good vibe, it makes you feel safe and sound.

It is a subjective reason, of course, and yes, it applied to me. It may sound peculiar but when I sniff the book’s odor, I feel liberated, freed, and solitude.


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