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Golden Hill by Francis Spufford Book Review

Recently, I’ve been listening to some 80s music so then this idea came to my mind: “I need to read a novel set in 80s”! then here I am looking at the classy cover on NetGalley and after reading a brief description about it, I request it. I thought I would not be accepted because it seems like a great novel and a new book reviewer like me, probably will get rejected. Then it turns out wrong. I was accepted. So here I am driven to the past time, long time ago before I was born.


New York, 1746. A mysterious Mr. Smits arrives with a 1000 dollar bill. He is an amiable young man, he’s only twenty-four. I have very little knowledge about New York in 80s. It is very surprising because New York back then was full of merchants, slaves, actors, not to mention rogues!

I never expected that this novel will bring exclusive humanity values, my expectation was false! This novel is really getting that you will never know what will happen to Mr. Smiths unless you read it. It is greatly unpredictable in any ways such as when Mr. Smith’s guinea was stolen.

The novel is full of endless action. Murmuring, talks, troubles and obstacles, and passion. Oh, I really love to read the card games part. It is amazing. The novel brings you to questions, whether such an action is categorized as misleading, manipulation, or cheating.

Mr. Smiths help us to see how mistrustful elite people in Manhattan was. To see quite aesthetic love, between him and Tabitha. I love that they both compare their flirtation with one of Shakespeare’s work, Much Ado About Nothing.

Enter the period entertainment at the beginning, and slowly it getting serious but you won’t see it coming. The dark tones comedy, Mr. Smith’s secrets that will reveal, Come and read this book. The journey awaits.



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