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Dunction Wood by William Horwood Book Review

It is like a fable, but it is not a fable. This is the first book which the use animals as its main character, and I definitely love this first series of a trilogy. I request this book and surprisingly happy when I am accepted. So here is my review.

The story is about a dynamic love story between Rebecca and Bracken and all the obstacles they need to face together. Rebecca and Bracken are moles and I can assure you, that you have never read anything like this before. The thing about the animal kingdom is beyond our knowledge. It is cruel, savage, in constant need to always be in survival mode, and you always struggling to stay alive from the wild nature competition. Even though te book talking about moles, but it is not for a young reader, it is dark sure, yet it is illuminating minds.

What I love about bracken, at the very first the narrative begins, is that he can accept who he is, that it is okay to be a gentle, caring, spiritual and loving nature moles rather than to be fit in his fellows that are kind of fighting moles.

The fact that each mole has a strong character makes me cannot put down the book. Yes, the moles are given some particular human elements let say speech and beliefs. Bracken and Rebecca, Mandrake the tyrant, Boswell the scribe, Hulver, Comfrey, and all the other moles of Duncton Wood.

Moreover, since I am kind of reader who easily gets fernweh, I am so happy to say that Dunction Wood truly makes me fernweh of English countryside. As for a girl who was born, raised, and lives in a tropical country and never went to any kind of place described in the book, surely it gave me a sensation of homesick of the place I have never visited before. Horwood successfully paints vivid imagery in my mind about underground tunnels, the burrows (not the Weasley’s I can assure you), the trees and grass from mini little and tiny mole-perspective, and the sight of looking up to the great Stone – the monolith the moles pray to in some vaguely pagan religion. This is just Beautiful.

It is magical and colorful. When I closed the book as I finish read it, I don’t get it why isn’t this book more well-known?


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