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All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven Book Review

Author: Jennifer Niven
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Release Date: January 6th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, YA
Pages: 384
Source: ebook

Eleanor and Park collides with The Fault in Our Stars turning into a breathtaking story about a girl who strive to survive and a boy who in a constant need to die.

I’ve read this a few months ago yet I still get the exhilarating sensation every time I recall the story. Please don’t judge the book its calming, bright and light cover that it seems like it is a story about teenager life who having an ordinary life go to school and fall in love and then they are happily ever after. The cover book is greatly misleading. It is quite deceiving. But still, I can tell that I love this book ever since. If you love Eleanor and Park and The Fault in Our Stars, I highly recommend you to sneak a peak.
Theodore Finch is known as a freak boy who caught a lot in troubles and Violet Markey never imagines her life will be so much entailed to him. They have nothing in common at their first meet, as they are ground and the sky, they are so much different on appearances. But then they met coincidentally at the Bell Tower when everything is changed forever. You’ll sink into the story and pulled by the each perspective of the characters. You’ll hear people gossiping Theodore Finch but you also see things from Finch perspective. You’ll see how perfect Violet life is while inside she’s rotten and trying to heal.
I think the story is fluctuating in a sense that it could give me high and cannot put down the book, but at some point, I just get bored and need a push to go on. But for the plot, I found no flaws and I think Jennifer Niven is truly gifted. You can see how beautiful her writing is at the very first glance of the story. But be careful because it may break your hearts (and I’m sure she’ll going to breaks more hearts in her next writing).
Even though people quite disappointed with the description of Bipolar that Jennifer tried to convey, I think it is quite acceptable since she’s trying hard to make people realize that we should understand them, yet we shouldn’t treat them differently. I can get attached to Finch, and I am glad I did. Since for now, I have a wider perspective about people, that people ay act in certain ways because some reasons we have never know. That the person we face is in their life must be fighting wars we have never know.
Since I read it while listening to The Smiths – All The Lights That Never Goes Out, I always picturing Theodore Finch when I’m listening to it. The 80s Finch, walking down the railway, has nothing o fear and free. Lastly, I highly recommend you read the book for your weekend getaway. If you listen to people explanation regarding its authentic characters, aesthetic description, perfect portrayal of honesty, you should believe it and starts reading.

Pssst! All The Bright Places is going to the screen and it is starring by Elle Fanning in 2018. You’d better read it sooner before you’ve got massive spoilers 😉


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