About The Blog

Ardent Bibliophile is my pensieve, where I passionately share my reading obsession with you, dearest bibliophile around the world.

As I lived in in a third world country, I am highly aware that buying books as an escapade from our rough and tough life somehow can be avoidable distressing. Neither due to the cost of books here are very expensive nor due to the fact that local bookshops, second-hand bookshops also are hard to find. But please don’t let these discouraged you from the pleasantest activity in the world, which is reading.

Thus in Ardent Bibliophile, you’ll find not only reviews, discussions, and tips, but also you’ll get some free ebooks once in a while and much more!

Nb. please read the *Terms and Condition* before you get the ebooks


About Me

Here are few things about me:

  1. I am from Indonesia and living in…Indonesia
  2. Currently, I am a third-year English student in University Bengkulu. I am also volunteering as an English teacher in my weekend. Under my hectic schedules, tasks, and stuff yet I am managing to run Ardent Bibliophile. If it is not a love, I don’t know what it is.
  3. I’m fond of personality typing. I found it really helpful to understand yourself. To know your strength, your weakness and how to cope with it in the most effective ways. My Myer-Briggs type is INFJ-T.
  4. I’m a high fan of Bullet Journal. I’ve been using it since 2016 and it is the easiest way to organize your life. Regardless if you are a terrible procrastinator (like me), using Bullet Journals can magically transform you into a high functioning mankind.

Connect with Me

I’d love to connect with fellow bibliophile and book lovers around the world through social media. You can find me here

Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, email




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