Review Policy

Hello! It is such an honor for me that you consider me to review your novel.

I am currently OPEN to review requests. Please ensure that you have read my review policy before you send your request. For I am not a full-time reviewer and need to manage time between college, work, volunteer and reviewing, I will be pleased if you are willing to take 1 minute to read my review policy.

Genres I Accept


      • contemporary/realistic YA
      • YA fantasy
      • YA historical fiction


      • Classic
      • literary fiction
      • mystery/thriller
      • women’s fiction
      • historical fiction

Forms I Will Accept

      • physical copy (Paperback or hardcover)
      • digital copies

Requirement for Review Request

      • The summary
      • The release date
      • Any relevant information that you think it is important
      • Time expected. This will help me to decide whether I am able to meet the deadline or not.

Accepted Books to be Reviewed

Please consider the fact that once your book is accepted, I couldn’t guarantee that I will immediately read it. I will try my best to read and write the review as soon as possible. Sometimes I made a short review on my Goodreads and Instagram. I will state that the book is featured.

Review Style

I am not using rating and all of my reviews will be my honest opinion. If I didn’t enjoy the book, it is quite possible that it will be reflected on my review. Please understand that I will not write a sparkling exaggerative review just because you sent me the book. For I believe that such comments will be good for both of us.

The reason behind is that I think after spending time reading the book, I have a right to express what I felt about it. If you are agreeing to send me a review request, you already acknowledge that there is a possibility that the review may be negative. Therefore, I would highly appreciate those who response to my review with civility.

Ready to send a review request? Contact me here

Please understand that I am not paid to review or blog. Thus, please respect my values if you’d love to work with me.